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Psychic Self-Destruction  Psychic Self-Destruction

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It is with great pleasure that Light announces the impending publication of Psychic Self-Destruction by Robert R. Leichtman, M.D.—quite likely the best book published on human psychology in the last 100 years.

The thesis of this book is that we foolishly become our own worst enemy by carrying negative, destructive forces of resentment, fear, frustration, irritation, envy, and despair through our lives, without making much of an effort to dispel it.  In fact, we often magnify these poisons out of all proportion by brooding on them, until we become trapped by their dark power.

Psychic Self-Destruction identifies the “misery magnets” and “misery magnifiers” we utilize to make our lives miserable instead of joyful.  It also depicts how our subconscious uses "bodyguards of misery” to protect these cherished memories of suffering and enslave us to an even greater degree.  It then proceeds to demonstrate simple steps we can take to reverse this process, and replace our personal suffering with enlightened self-control.  We are not designed to suffer—we are designed to triumph over misery and achieve enlightenment!

Chapters on detachment, forgiveness, gratitude, and mindfulness are brilliant guides to releasing the healing strength of spirit to vanquish our personal misery.

The book is a sequel to Psychic Vandalism ($29), in which Dr. Leichtman described our vulnerability to the negative psychic zone—and what to do to protect ourselves from it.  In this new book, he takes this theme one step further, thoroughly examining the ways we stumble into despair and bitterness all on our own.   It is a magnificent description of the problem of emotional reactiveness, as well as a triumphant tribute to the role of the mind and our spiritual virtues in overcoming these common human problems.

If you order a dozen (or more) copies, to have plenty on hand to give to others,  we will sell 12 copies for just $12 a copy, or $144, plus $8 shipping.