About Carl Japikse

Carl Japikse is an author, teacher, and consultant. Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, he was raised in Columbus, Ohio. He was educated at Dartmouth College, graduating with honors in 1969. He worked professionally as a journalist (a staff writer for The Wall Street Journal) and taught at the high school level in New Hampshire before establishing his career as a teacher of meditation and an author.

Mr. Japikse has been teaching Active Meditation since 1973. In addition, he has developed and teaches more than 50 other classes based on Active Meditation and a number of classes in developing and exercising the mind. He is the developer and teacher of the Enlightened Classroom, a program for teachers, and the Enlightened Management Seminar, a class for business, professional, and bureaucratic managers and executives.

He founded Ariel Press in 1976, Enthea Press in 1990, Kudzu House in 1995, and The Pierian Spring in 2000. Through these four publishing houses, he has issued more than 50 books he has authored, plus another 70 books written by others. He was a co-founder with Robert R. Leichtman, M.D. of Light in 1980, and has served as president of Light since 1996.

Mr. Japikse teaches "Excellence in Writing," a week-long seminar on enriching writing skills and contact with inspiration. He also serves as a consultant with others writers on the art of publishing. He is consulted frequently by businesses and individuals looking for a more creative and intuitive perspective on life.

Mr. Japikse and his wife Rose live in the mountains of north Georgia just north of Atlanta.