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Our December selection:

Many Dimensions

by Charles Williams

A somewhat disreputable Englishman, Sir Giles Tumulty, acquires a stone said to be taken from the crown of Solomon and bearing the Tetragrammaton—the four letters of the name of God. The stone turns out to be made of First Matter (archetypal substance) and has attributes that can be used to teleport, heal all disease, establish telepathic rapport, even go back and forward in time. It can also be subdivided an infinite number of times without being diluted in strength or capacity.

In the story, the Stone symbolizes the Divine Light and its relationship with mankind.

Sir Giles shows the stone to his brother, Lord Arglay, the Chief Justice of the English court system. Arglay has been working on a new book to be entitled, A Survey of Organic Law, helped by his secretary, Miss Chloe Burnett. Chloe—her name is derived from the ancient Greek word Khloe, the same root as our modern word cholorphyll, which in turn was derived from even more ancient sources (Proto Indo-European or Senzar), that suggested the idea of transformation. Chloe exhibits a strong affinity for the stone—it saves her life—and eventually she merges her consciousness with it, thereby attaining the wisdom of Solomon and being dramatically transformed, transfigured, in fact.

The Stone demonstrates most vividly the workings of divine law—especially in the way it treats humans that try to use the Stone selfishly. One American, for example, spends £73,000 to buy a fragment of the stone, only to have it fly out of his wife’s hand and be lost to them. The analogy between the divine laws governing the Stone and the study of Organic Law being undertaken by Arglay makes the latter an ideal guardian of the Stone—and of Chloe.

But the most intriguing part of the tale is the description of the self-centered people who presume the right to use something they clearly do not understand. The British government, for example, confiscates the Stone and decides it must be kept out of the hands of the public, who want to use it to heal themselves of whatever ails them. In one conversation between two government ministers, an under secretary tells his superior: “People must not be allowed to believe in it. . . . We’re only making their real minds clear to them.” Which is the way government officials throughout the world treat the public, deliberately keeping them ignorant and giving them no say in the issues of their lives.

The Many Dimensions of the title allude to the numerous dimensions of the mental plane and human thinking—and the need to train the mind carefully in the skills of thinking before stimulating it with wisdom. This training begins with understanding the divine laws of life. This book is therefore a helpful adjunct to the ongoing series of explorations being undertaken by Carl Japikse, the Laws of Life (an examination of 42 laws which is still in progress—see “seminars and classes” on Light’s website for information on this series).

This is one of a series of excellent books by Charles Williams. Others recommended in the past by Books of Light are the Greater Trumps, The Place of the Lion, and War in Heaven. Unfortunately, none of these titles except the last one is still in print, although some are available as used books. Many Dimensions is, fortunately, still available in paperback for $12.69 on Shipping is free is you have Prime membership.*

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